If you own a home within the territory of the United States of America and need to meet the family objectives planned in the medium and long term and do not own the money, you must visit the Pierpoint mortgage website, an organization with 17 years of foundation but with 50 years of experience as mortgage advisors. Its main objective is the Reverse Mortgage Brokers personalized attention of its clients in order to achieve their total satisfaction.

They have a set of services that adapt to your needs. Among those is the mortgage for the purchase of your new home (FHA), security certainty loan, express loans, conventional loans, the mortgage for VA loans, the mortgage for jumbo loans, the mortgage for refinancing needs, the mortgage for USDA loans and reverse mortgage.
Pierpoint mortgage is offered as a mortgage consultant for people over 62 who own a home, to advise them on the steps to follow to obtain a proprietary reverse mortgage. It is called inverse because the mortgage applicant should not pay the lender monthly payments to mitigate the debt. Your home is transformed into cash and is the guarantee for the lender that in the future he will recover the borrowed money.
The interesting thing about this product is that the homeowner should not leave his home while he is alive, in addition, that the title of the pamper will follow his name from the moment of the beginning of the mortgage until his death. Pierpoint mortgage will pay the owner of the property monthly, an amount of money that will be calculated based on the life expectancy of the mortgage applicant, the older the person, the greater the amount of the monthly payment.
To process this mortgage it is not necessary for the applicant to have income or credit rating, the person maintains the title and property of their home, the income of a reverse mortgage is not subject to personal income taxes, only the mortgage can be requested for the main residence and most importantly you should not cancel a monthly payment, rather you will receive it.